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After the success of 'Rising 2011' EYESONTHEWALL were again commissioned to create the visuals for the Roundhouse Rising Festival 2012. The EYESONTHEWALL team covered 5 nights of the festival creating an unique visual atmosphere for each of the themed nights.

Rising Showcase - Mz Bratt, YGLU, Azekel, Lovelle, Dizzietron
Sonic - Beaty Heart + Roundhouse Choir, CLOUT!, Sarah Leo, The Waylayers
Bass Culture - Natty, Lady Leshurr, RasItes
Incidentally Nordic: Sandra Kolstad, Bloodgroup, Torkelsen
EKO presents Through the Glass Ceiling, The History of Apple Pie, Drop Out Venus, Chapter 24, Skinny Girl Diet

Bellow are several short documentations of the events, filmed and edited by the young people of the Roundhouse Studios.