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SOMEDAY by Paula & Karol

"For 'Someday' we wanted to create something unique, beautiful and positive, visually representing the wonderful flow of the song but also connect to the lyrics. Together with the band we decided to make a video out of found footage from the 60's and 70's, showing traveling scenes and combine it with crucial moments of different individual lives.
To gather enough material we went through approx. 2,5km of celluloid 8mm footage. The footage came from various sources; flea-markets, garage sales, camera shops, online action houses, and even from friends and relatives.
For us this was a very new way to create a music video. It was an interesting approach as we had to create something new from old, already filmed and processed material, finding fitting scenes and combinations. Every film role could hold a surprise; a hidden treasure or just another boring birthday in the countryside.
To emphasize the dynamic parts of the videos we colorized some scenes by using different paints and solutions, in a quite abstract and colorful way. Manually working with these decades-old celluloids had it's own fascinating aura, knowing that each film role, unique in its own way, is a witness of another time.

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