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A visual experiment by EYESONTHEWALL with the music by Secret Diaries: remix of Ghosting Season - Far End of the Graveyard.

What if the most desirable dream turn into a phantom-like being, supernatural yet reachable, untouchable yet responsive? What happens if reality and fantasy become displaced? Is there a possibility to materialise the obsessions and to survive the phobias?

It is a story of chasing the deepest trails of imagination, here is an appetite for mystery and scent of curiosity guide into the dangerous but attractive zones. Suddenness and unpredictability, psychological quest and curiosity dominate the storyline - scrappy as hallucination, engulfing as thriller.

Lost in the enigmatic land, the character appears and escapes the view, dragging into a labyrinth of ambiguity - is it just a tricky game of vision, or revelation of the inner anxieties, or projection of suppressed desires?

To visualise the stereoscopic and optical illusion were used merely analogue methods of filming and editing without application of any special effects.